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YOUR company VS Climate change, PTSD, & the covid-19 chaos

How to leave a legacy  for the future while doing climate change the easy way. 

Give someone the gift of life

When you sponsor one of our Co-creative prototypes for living and working in equilibrium harmony with our planet, you are investing in your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren's future, all the way out to 7 greats! 
  You will also be sponsoring the human/earth citizen that is passionate about developing the prototype and then piloting it into the future!

Connect Your business to a New Model of sustainability!  Punctuated equilibrium

 When you sponsor one of our co-creative prototypes, and its pilot project, you will be known to the family, friends and network of the Warrior for the future that Co-Created the prototype & pilot project! They will want to purchase from you, and you will be part of OUR family, our team of Co-Creators.

We are bringing you together with brilliant environmental investing!

We reject the concept of "giving back", as we are hubbing away from the take, make, use, lose, compete and get mythology we live in to the vibrant story of reciprocity & oneness with the punctuated equilibrium that all of life on our planet earth and the comos has given to us so freely for millions of years. 
  We challenge you to do better than 1% for the planet! 
We EXPECT you to give 3% of your gross sales for the future of humanity and flow through climate change with ease and grace!
  Your tax receipt comes in the form of the transformation into our more beautiful sacred harmonious world !

Sponsor an Event

Sponsor one of our weekend, week long, or 11 day events and connect your brand to the Warriors for the Future of Humanity!